I have always believed in the power of scent. Whether it was flowers, perfume, or eventually candles, I know the warmth and comfort that particular scents can provide. With this in mind, I was often shopping for candles, trying to select the exact one that would complement my home, but struggling to find ones that were free from toxins. As a mother of two children, I wanted to be sure that the candles I was burning were non - toxic and completely natural. What better way to be sure of this than to make them myself.

In 2013 I began researching soy-based candles and began experimenting with different flavours and scents. Soon I was making them for my friends and family and then decided to build a business that caters to the Australian market. I have now branched out to high-quality homewares and a bespoke ordering service that allows customers to select their own combination of scents.

If you are interested in a custom order for jars, packaging or even sourcing new products, don't hesitate to contact us on elmorders@tpg.com.au